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kubi Live Demo Registration

The Kubi Team offers Live Kubi Demonstrations via 15-50 minute Zoom meetings every Wednesday. These live Demos are limited to qualified Businesses, Institutions and Organizations who have the potential to implement five (5) or more Kubi Telepresence Robots. During these Kubi Demonstrations, attendees will learn one-on-one how to set up Zoom and use the Kubi Connect Apps or Windows Widget to drive a Kubi in a simulated meeting environment.

The sucess of your Live Demo rests on being prepared with the necessary hardware and prior installation of required software. Please review the Demo Requirements document linked to the button below. You will be asked to confirm you have reviewed and can satisfy these requirements before you complete the registration and are sent to the scheduling page.

After reviewing the demo requirements use the form on this page to submit a demo registration. After successfully submitting your form you will be sent to a scheduling page at our website to schedule a day and time for your Demo.

Demo Requirements
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Kubi is manufactured in California, USA by Xandex Inc. a diversified technology company.

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