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kubi Connect App for iPad & iPhone


A Required Security Update (V1.3) is now available from the Apple App Store. Update is required by April 23, 2021 for all previous versions (V1.0 thru V1.2). UPDATE NOW!

The kubi Connect App for Apple iPad and iPhone is now available in the Apple App Store. The Kubi Connect App is the simple, intuitive way to control a Kubi.

The Kubi Control app is installed on the Apple iPad mounted on a Kubi to connect the Kubi to the tablet via Bluetooth 4.0+. Kubi Connect can also be installed on a second iPad or iPhone to control Kubi during video calls. Browse through the gallery to see how to pair an iPad with Kubi using Kubi Connect and then controll it both locally and remotely.

Kubi Connect is compatible with most popular video conferencing software platforms.

Kubi Connect for Android is also availabe for Android tablets and smart phones, and the two apps work seamlessly together. You can control a Kubi + iPad using the Android app on an Android tablet or smart phone, and control a Kubi+Android tablet using the Apple app on an iPad or iPhone.

There is also a NEW Kubi Connect Widget for Windows that allows you to control a Kubi+Apple or Kubi+Android tablet from a Windows desktop or laptop computer!

Open Kubi Connect for Apple Pairing and Remote Control instructions in PDF Format


Now Available for Download from the Apple App Store

kubi Connect Screenshots

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