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kubi by Xandex Inc.

The Kubi telepresence robot is manufactured by Xandex Inc. in Petaluma, California. Xandex is a diversified technology company, founded in 1981, that designs and manufactures products for the Semiconductor and Solar industries and through Xandex Ventures, its capital investment arm, invests in promising startups.

It was through a significant investment and manufacturing agreement with San Francisco startup Revolve Robotics Inc., that Xandex first began manufacturing the Kubi robot in 2015. In May, 2017 when Revolve Robotics wound down operations and closed its doors, Xandex assumed all sales and support actitivities for Kubi products.

Xandex completed the acquisition of Revolve Robotics assets and intellectual property in January, 2019. The Kubi team at Xandex is planning new product and software improvements to enhance performance and expand Kubi features.

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Kubi is manufactured in California, USA by Xandex Inc. a diversified technology company.

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